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How to Help Your Child If They Are Being Bullied or If They Are Bullying Others

by | Mormon Life

Bullying comes in many forms, including verbal, physical, sexual, relational (damaging someone’s relationsh...


Avoiding Mormon Burnout: Why It's Okay to Say "No"

by Julie de Azevedo Hanks, PhD, LCSW | Mormon Life

This was written in conjunction with another LDS Living article by Julie de Azevedo Hanks: Is There a Mormo...


How My Frustration Was Washed Away By a Box of Goldfish Crackers

by Zack Oates | Makes You Think

I was fuming. The details are not important, but I was treated so rudely by a potential business partner th...


The Commandment We've Probably All Broken While Shopping

by Mormon Buzzz | Mormon Life

MR says: This is especially important to keep in mind when Black Friday shopping or when waiting in lo...


Mormon Magician Uses Tricks to Promote Kindness & Inspire Others to Dream

by The Daily Universe | Fun Mormon Life

It started in elementary school for BYU philosophy major Theron Milo Christensen. A magician performed...


Future Missionary Grateful for Kindness of Two Strangers

by Deseret First Credit Union | News from Utah

A game of Rock-Paper-Scissors led to a heart-warming display of generosity not once, but twice, during a re...


What to Say to That Boy Who Came to Church Wearing Blue Jeans

by I Go By Ari | Mormon Life

You see him walking through the back of the chapel, hair a bit messy, button-up shirt hanging over the lip ...


Changing the Way You See the World

by The Mormon Nerd | Makes You Think

We get stuck seeing the world a certain way. We all have our blinders on. We all see the world through a ce...


Why I'm Grateful for My 'Happy Birthday' Calling in the Relief Society

by By Common Consent | Makes You Think

The very first thing we talked about in our newly formed Relief Society Presidency meeting one year ago was...


What to Do When You Feel Left Out at Church

by Mormon Women Stand | Makes You Think Mormon Life

As members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, building up Zion should be our goal. We ough...