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3 Biblical Love Stories that will Strengthen Your Marriage

by Women in the Scriptures | Makes You Think

My wonderful, amazing, beautiful little sister got married just before Thanksgiving. It was incredible to w...


Changing the Way You See the World

by The Mormon Nerd | Makes You Think

We get stuck seeing the world a certain way. We all have our blinders on. We all see the world through a ce...


How I Came to Love God’s Will

by Millennial Mormons | Makes You Think

As I reflect on the new year, something significant has come to my realization: I have no idea what I’m doi...


Thinking with Love Instead of Obligation

by Deseret News | Makes You Think

The new year’s here, and gospel doctrine classes from Paris, Idaho, to Paris, France, are taking up the New...


7 Financial Mistakes Every Latter-day Saint Family Should Avoid

by Aggieland Mormons | Makes You Think Mormon Life

At a time when concerns about family finances are widely believed to be a leading cause of marital discord ...


Archaeologists Claim to Find Possible Site of Jesus' Trial in Jerusalem

by Deseret News | News from Utah Makes You Think

Buried beneath an old prison site in Jerusalem may be the spot where Jesus appeared for trial before Pontiu...


Making a Mission the Best Two Years For Your Life

by The Way of Carraway | Makes You Think Mormon Life

I left on my mission February 23rd, 2011 and went to serve in Philadelphia, PA. I'll never forget my very f...


Returned Missionary Talks about Mental Illness and Early Release

by Deseret News | Makes You Think Mormon Life

I hope they call me on a mission When I have grown a foot or two. I hope by then I will be ready To teach a...


Dave Says: When You Should Have Car Coverage

by Dave Ramsey | Makes You Think

Dear Dave, My husband and I are debt free except for our home, and we have about $100,000 in savings. Recen...


10 Tips for Returned Missionaries to Transition Like Champions

by The Returned Missionary | Makes You Think Mormon Life

Editors Note: This was written by Kerry Harding, a veteran leader of missionary efforts at the ward and sta...