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When a Missionary Returns Early

by Aaron Olsen | Makes You Think

It is the mark of a job well done, of two years of sacrifice devoted to God and others. Homecoming for a re...

Does God Still Speak?

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The Value of Rescuing Even One Soul

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What is a person worth? Whether it’s one or two persons missing, perhaps while hiking or camping, or many p...


When Sunday School Derails: 8 Tips to Get Back on Track

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Your Gospel Doctrine lesson that began as a study of the Word of Wisdom quickly derails to a debate about w...


The Only Way to Conquer is to Surrender

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Growing up, I loved playing the board game “Risk“. There was an exciting rush that came from massing dozens...


10 Things to Remember When Your Missionary Comes Home

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The sisters who left for their missions shortly after the October 2012 announcement lowering the minimum ag...


8 Ways You May Already be a Missionary Without Realizing It

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Sweat dripped down my temples as I walked under the blazing African sun, 10,000 miles away from home. I rea...


4 Stunning New Pieces of LDS Art Will Change How You See the Plan of Salvation

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The most fundamental questions in our lives--questions about where we came from, why we are here, and where...


Don't Ask for the Thunder

by Middle-Aged Mormon Man | Makes You Think

When I was a high schooler, I had one special quality that would drive my father absolutely crazy: I wouldn...


Sharing the Goodness Other Shared With Me

by The Exponent | Makes You Think

Two years ago this month I was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer – and started on a dark journey of hospitals, ...