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Watch: What Mary the Mother of Jesus teaches us about pressing forward in both good and bad times

by Daniel Smith, Messages of Christ | May 4, 2021

Mary is perhaps the most significant mother in all of history. She alone was chosen to be the mother of the...


Watch: Calee Reed’s 5-minute fireside on what Mary’s example teaches us about aligning our will with God’s

by Morgan Jones | December 16, 2020

“Be it unto me according to thy word.” This was Mary’s reply to the angel Gabriel after h...


Why BYU professor Anthony Sweat paints little-seen moments from Church history and what he wishes people better understood about them

by LDS Living Staff | November 25, 2020 | Makes You Think

Anthony Sweat isn’t just a BYU religion professor and an author; he is also a talented artist. We rec...


The story behind the first baptism for the dead in this dispensation is one you may have never heard

by LDS Living Staff

Did you know the first baptism for the dead was a mother acting in proxy for her recently deceased son? Did...


8 powerful images of Christ perfect for your home

by LDS Living Staff

As we head into the end of the year, we focus our thoughts on the Savior and celebrate the birth of the Sav...


Learn more about the 13 beautiful pieces of artwork on the Church’s Instagram last weekend

by Morgan Jones

You may have noticed the Church’s Instagram account sharing a number of beautiful art pieces along wi...


5 things you never knew about the Christus statue

by Matthew O. Richardson, adapted from "The Christus Legacy" | Fun

Editor's note: This adaptation from Matthew O. Richardson's  The Christus Legacy originally ra...


Enjoy art from the BYU MOA like never before with virtual curator tours, a new app, and more

by Danielle Christensen

Brigham Young University’s Museum of Art (MOA) has closed during COVID-19. But since you can’t visit the mu...


‘All Are Alike unto God’: Calling artists for the Church’s 12th International Art Competition

by Emily Abel

Does the phrase “All are alike unto God” stir something inside you? Do you enjoy expressing thoughts and em...


Artist Captures Portrait of Joseph Smith—On an Oreo Cookie

by Morgan Jones | Fun

Artist Christopher Creek laughs when asked if his Joseph Smith Oreo art is the first time he’s ever sculpte...