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After Divorce, LDS Father Shares Ways Others Were Ministering Angels to Him (+ How We Can Be Too)

by Brian Duncan via the "Ensign" | Makes You Think Mormon Life

What a powerful testament of how even small acts of kindness can bolster those who most need to feel the lo...


7 Things Jesus Did to Minister That We Can Do Too

by Mark D. Clayton | Makes You Think

The phrases “teaching in the Savior's way ” and “ministering in the Savior's way ” have always confused me....


What I Learned About Ministering from a Phone Call to the IRS

by Zack Oates | Makes You Think

With the change from home and visiting teaching to “ministering,” I’ve heard many people say that it is rea...


A Powerful Lesson on Ministering from Mary, Martha, and Jesus

by Michelle Wilson, Contributor | Makes You Think

As Sister Eubank so beautifully and succinctly stated in October 2017, ministering to our sisters is about ...


Church Magazines to Publish Monthly “Ministering Principles”

by | Mormon Life

If you are looking for inspiration for how to go about your ministering assignments, then you should take a...


Church Releases Notice for Church Leaders, Answers More Questions About Ministering, Priesthood Quorums

by | From the Church Mormon Life

In a recent notice sent to priesthood, Relief Society, Young Women, and Young Men leaders on May 11, t...


What My Relief Society Learned About Ministering Long Before the Program

by Michelle Wilson, Contributor | Makes You Think

As a newly called Relief Society president, I felt the weight of the needs of the sisters in my ward. I pra...


General Relief Society Presidency Counsels LDS Women to Do Less: "You Don't Have to Do It All and You Can Be Okay with That"

by Danielle B. Wagner | Makes You Think Mormon Life

During the BYU Women's Conference on May 3, Sisters Sharon Eubank and Reyna Aburto, counselors in the ...


What Does Ministering Look Like? Sister Bingham Shares 3 Crucial Insights

by | Mormon Life

When I think of ministering in the Church, my hope is that each one of us can have a taste of this kind of ...


Church Releases New Videos on Ministering

by | From the Church Mormon Life

The Church has released several new videos on  to help Church members better under...