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LDS Perfectionism: Research Reveals Pros & Cons

by Jannalee Rosner | News from Utah Makes You Think Mormon Life

“You’re such a perfectionist!”  It’s a phrase many Latter-day Saints are familiar with. It’s something...


Church Garment Survey Asks for Member Feedback

by LDS Living | Mormon Life

Photo from Mormon Newsroom garment video The public affairs office of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-...


When God Doesn’t Answer Your Prayers

by Whatsoever Is Good | Makes You Think Mormon Life

During my final semester as a freshman at BYU-Idaho, I was dating a boy I’d met back home in southern Calif...


SPONSORED: How to Make Your Financial Resolutions

by Mountain America Credit Union | Mormon Life

A new year—12 months ahead to plan and reach goals that can help you achieve your financial dreams. It’s a ...


Dave Says: How to Avoid Debt Collectors

by Dave Ramsey | Mormon Life

Dear Dave, I have a student loan in default that is now being handled by a collections agency. They want me...


SPONSORED: Adoption Network Nurtures Birth Parents

by Adoption Network Law Center | News from Utah Mormon Life

Jessalynn Bills Speight is now an advocate and supporter of birth parents everywhere. An unplanned pregnanc...


Helping LGBTQ/SSA Churchgoers Feel Welcome in an LDS Environment

by The Daily Universe | Makes You Think Mormon Life

If you’re a straight member of the LDS Church, slip off your shoes for a minute and step into someone else’...


LDS Producer Sets High Standards for Show About All Things 'Geek'

by Deseret News | Mormon Life

From the time Joe Gillis was a young boy, he had a fascination with all things "geek." But he never found a...


What I'd Be Missing if I Skipped Sunday Meetings

by FAIR Blog | Makes You Think Mormon Life

Not infrequently, I read comments from purportedly liberated ex-Mormons about the glories of churchless Sun...


Robert D. Hales Before He was an Apostle

by Mormon Hub | Mormon Life

Robert D. Hales serves as an apostle in the Quorum of the Twelve for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-d...