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LDS Mother with Triplets Feels Blessed to be Expecting Twins

by Deseret News | News from Utah Mormon Life

When Julie Grygla found out one year ago that she was expecting triplets, she proceeded to cry for what fel...


Local Paper Reports on Construction of Colorado Temple

by The Coloradoan | News from Utah Mormon Life

A vision of heaven is under construction in southeast Fort Collins. Work on a new temple for the Church of ...


Mormons in the Rodeo: LDS Competitors Find Extra Strength in Faith

by Deseret News | Mormon Life

There are many things a missionary has to worry about when returning home from two-year service for The Chu...


The Truth Behind the Hawn's Mill Massacre

by Brent M. Rogers | Mormon Life

George Edward Anderson 1907 photograph of original Haun's Mill millstone. Church Archives, via Juvenile Ins...


LDS Mom of Toddler with Leukemia Talks Faith, Blessings

by Time Out For Women Blog | News from Utah Makes You Think Mormon Life

You may have seen the adorable video that recently went viral of young cancer patient and Utah Jazz player-...


Getting to Know the Young Women General Board: Janet Nelson

by The Mormon Women Project | Mormon Life

Young Women General Board member Janet Nelson raised four children in New York City. And while she was doin...


Does Age Really Matter in Relationships?

by Jonathan Plowman | Makes You Think Mormon Life

People say “age is just a number” all the time, but do they practice what they preach? My experience says t...


Confessions of a Lifelong Convert

by Dear Miss Mormon | Makes You Think Mormon Life

I've seen how life will give you lemons and expect you to turn it into lemonade, I've also seen the gospel ...


The Quorum of the Twelve Before They Were Called: Boyd K. Packer

by Mormon Hub | Mormon Life

Boyd K. Packer is the President of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles. He is also a man who has had the tria...


5 Simple Steps to Powerful Home and Visiting Teaching

by Utah Valley 360 | Makes You Think Mormon Life Lesson Helps

There are ways to improve the quality and the quantity of your home and visiting teaching visits without ma...