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Happiness in the Face of Naysayers

by Segullah | Opinions & Features

I am constantly amazed, and consistently delighted, at the many many ways to find happiness in this world: ...

Turning Love into Great Love

by YouTube | Opinions & Features


What I Gave Up When I Married at 19

by Confessions of a Teenage Bride | Best of LDS Blogs Opinions & Features

I was married at the young age of 19. Yup, I know... besides possibly setting a new record... I am also "cr...


14 Reasons Happy People are Happy

by The Returned Missionary | Opinions & Features

You may have read our article on 6 things you DON’T need to be happy. Well, here are some reasons why the h...


Learning Charity as a Child

by LDS Church News | Opinions & Features

Kathleen Davidson Carlisle of the Cottonwood Ward, Afton Wyoming Stake in Fairview, Wyo., was a child when ...


6 Things Repentance Does NOT Mean

by The Returned Missionary | Best of LDS Blogs Opinions & Features

I think most people don’t repent because they don’t really know what that word means. Well, here are 6 thin...

Able To Serve - Church Service Missions

by ChurchofJesusChrist.org | Opinions & Features


Future Missionaries Learning to Prepare in High School

by The Daily Universe | Opinions & Features

McKay Allred had no idea how his final two years in high school were about to change when he sat down to wa...


Mormon Family Featured on Boston's WCVB Newscast Talking about True Success

by Deseret News | Opinions & Features What We Believe

The Thomas family from Belmont, Mass., was recently featured because of their LDS faith in a newscast done ...


10 Ways to Support Your Missionary

by Mission Home | Opinions & Features

Parents: you love your missionaries, your sons or daughters who are serving, and want to be the best suppor...