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Stopping the Christmas “Gimmes”

by Sarah M. McConkie | Parenting Holidays

December after December, parents face the tears, tantrums, and demands that often accompany each new season...


Children’s game teaches Primary songs

by LDS Living Staff | Parenting

A new program helps children learn music as well as the basics of playing the piano. The Children’s Primary...


Thankful Jar

by LDS Living staff | Parenting Tips

Sometimes it feels like the two least-used words in the English language are "thank you." It's sad how...


Overcoming Shyness

by Michelle Garrett | Parenting Self Improvement

It’s Sunday and you’re in Primary to help your child with the talk she has been asked to give. You feel con...


Garage Gallery

by Theresea Andrus | Parenting

My mode of preserving, distributing, and displaying my children’s artwork seemed to work fine until my olde...


Kids in the Kitchen

by Lorae Bowden | Parenting

My daughter Sarah came dejectedly home from the first day of "real cooking" in her sixth grade home economi...


Getting Him Back on His Feet

by Dave Ramsey | Finances Parenting

Dear Dave, My wife and I are getting close to retirement, and our 36-year old recently moved back in with u...

Devoting a Day to the Grandkids

by Mary S. Taylor | Parenting

Grandparents have so much to share, but as the rush of our busy world has a way of inevitably shifting our ...

A Tribute to Dad

by Various Contributors | Parenting

The Right Priorities Being a father is an enormous responsibility. And when you marry someone, you don't re...

Teaching Kids Service

by Valerie Jones | Parenting

Most kids think that serving and fun go together like oil and water, and teaching them to think otherwise c...