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Christians Are Better

by Slate | Opinions & Features

In Tuesday’s Republican presidential debate, Rick Perry was asked whether he would repudiate the anti-Mormo...

Politics obscure Mormon doctrine, church differences

by The Republic | Opinions & Features

When the pastor of a Dallas megachurch called the Mormon faith a "cult" and a "false religion" at a recent ...

It's time for Americans to put Mitt Romney's religion aside

by Kansas City Star | Opinions & Features

Mainstream Mormonism is no cult, and Mitt Romney is more fit to be president for his work in the church. Gr...

–Ans, –Ites and –Isms

by Millennial Star | Best of LDS Blogs

For a long time, I have wrestled with the notion that I need to commit to a political party. Every time I h...


On Mitt Romney Mormon Insult, Republicans Miss Mark

by Death + Taxes | Opinions & Features

A handful of Republican candidates were asked during last night presidential debate about Rick Perry backer...

CNN debate Tuesday night broaches Mormonism

by A Soft Answer | Opinions & Features

THe GOP debate last night in Las Vegas brought up the issue of whether it is fair to consider a candidate’s...


Opinion: Mitt's Persistent Mormon Problem

by The Daily Beast | Opinions & Features

Mitt Romney can’t quite shake the Mormon question. My Daily Beast colleague McKay Coppins obtained some ema...


Questions about Mitt Romney's faith are fair game

by Deseret News | Mormons We Know Opinions & Features

This isn't the first column you've read about the role of former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney 's reli...


Perry Camp's Anti-Mormon Message

by The Daily Beast | Everything Else

Texas Gov. Rick Perry has publicly distanced himself from the anti-Mormon rhetoric of a prominent Baptist m...


NYT: Romney's role has been one of faith and authority

by New York Times | Mormons We Know

In ticking off his credentials on the campaign trail — management consultant, businessman, governor — Mitt ...