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BYU Women’s Conference begins next week. Here are 8 things you need to know

by Lindsey Williams | April 21, 2021 | From the Church

In just a few days, the 45th BYU Women’s Conference will begin. The conference, co-sponsored by Brigh...


Realizing ‘the privileges and blessings and gifts of the priesthood’: Emma Smith’s role in the early days of Relief Society

by Jennifer Reeder, excerpted from “First: The Life and Faith of Emma Smith” | April 13, 2021

On June 9, 1842, Joseph visited the Relief Society and spoke again of their purpose: “The Society is ...


Never-before-published discourses and diaries from Presidents Eliza R. Snow and Emmeline B. Wells now available

by Church Historian's Press | March 17, 2021 | From the Church

The Church Historian’s Press announced the online publication of additional materials that shed light...


On International Women's Day, President Bingham addresses 'one of the greatest impediments' daughters of God face

by Newsroom of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints | March 8, 2021

Sister Jean B. Bingham, the Church’s Relief Society general president, was the keynote speaker at the...


Relief Society, Young Women, and Primary general presidencies now on Instagram

by Newsroom of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Members of the general presidencies of the Relief Society, Young Women and Primary general presidencies of ...


‘This is the healing ward’: How a brutally honest Relief Society lesson helped one woman find belonging

by LDS Living Staff

On this week’s episode of   This is the Gospel , two storytellers discuss how fitting into the b...


Watch: Sheri Dew speaks on the Relief Society's worldwide legacy

by Danielle Christensen

The founding meeting of the Relief Society was on March 17, 1842, and women in that organization have been ...


New interactive website showcases the life and ministry of Eliza R. Snow, empowering women 100 years later

by Emily Abel | Makes You Think

It was the summer of 1878. A group of 13 young men and young women from Mayfield, Utah, went out to enjoy a...


What the 9 women in the General Presidencies had to say about their role in the priesthood

by Emily Abel

During the women’s session of the October 2019 general conference, President Russell M. Nelson made this po...


With No Gatherings, How Will We Celebrate Your Birthday, Relief Society? Here's an Idea

by Lindsey Williams | Makes You Think

Happy Birthday, Relief Society! Today is your 178th birthday . I’ve been trying to think about what I can d...