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President Nelson Shares Great, Greater, and Greatest Goals

by President Russell M. Nelson, excerpted from "Accomplishing the Impossible" | December 28, 2019 | Makes You Think

You will have goals that are great, greater, and greatest. Great goals I relate to temporal attainment. You...


President Nelson Continues Global Ministry with Historic Visit to Southeast Asia

by | October 8, 2019 | From the Church Mormon Life

President Russell M. Nelson of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and his wife, Wendy — along ...


What Helped a Young Russell Nelson Realize the Gospel Was Missing from His Life

by Sheri Dew, adapted from "Insights From a Prophet's Life: President Russell M. Nelson" | September 28, 2019 | Famous Mormons Makes You Think Mormon Life

The following article previously ran on  LDS Living  earlier this year and is being shared as par...


5 Truths and 4 Blessings President Nelson Shared at Young Adult Devotional

by Danielle B. Wagner | September 17, 2019 | Makes You Think Mormon Life

In a powerful devotional delivered at the Marriott Center on the BYU campus, President Russell M. Nelson ad...


President Nelson Details "Love and Laws of God" in Description of 2015 and 2019 LGBT Policy Changes

by Deseret News | September 17, 2019 | Makes You Think Mormon Life

 In a remarkable devotional address before thousands of BYU students Tuesday, the president of The Chu...


Prophet Invites Young Adults to Watch Upcoming Devotional: "I Feel Inspired to Share an Important Message with You"

by LDS Living Staff | September 16, 2019 | Mormon Life

"I think about the issues facing young adults daily. I feel inspired to share an important message with you...


President Nelson Promises Saints If They Understand This One Thing, "Your Life Will Never Be the Same!"

by Danielle B. Wagner | September 12, 2019 | Mormon Life

If there is one thing our prophet wanted to know during his birthday celebration broadcast around the world...


Watch: Apostles Share What Sets President Nelson Apart as a Prophet

by LDS Living Staff | September 9, 2019 | From the Church Videos Mormon Life

For President Russell M. Nelson's birthday celebration, the apostles and President Nelson's family created ...


President Nelson Shares Invitation and the "Certain" Truth He's Learned Over 95 Years at Birthday Celebration

by Danielle B. Wagner | September 9, 2019 | Mormon Life

“If I have learned anything certain in my 95 years of life, it’s that Jesus the Christ is the Son of God. H...


How to Participate in President Nelson's Birthday Celebration This Weekend

by LDS Living Staff | September 5, 2019 | Mormon Life

Our beloved, energetic prophet will turn 95 on September 9, and the world has been invited to celebrate wit...