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High-speed Internet coming to 85 percent of meetinghouses

by Deseret News | Official Church Info

Let me start with a personal story. I was subbing in nursery just this last Sunday and was set to teach the...


Young Men Lesson 29: Sabbath Observance

by LDS Living Staff | Young Men

Discussion Questions: How would you explain the purpose of the Sabbath day to someone who doesn’t know abou...


Utah businesses debate Sunday question

by The Daily Universe | News from Utah

An unfamiliar sign to outsiders adorns the doors and windows of businesses across Utah: Closed Sundays. A n...


Poll: How Do You Approach Extracurricular Activities on Sunday?

by LDS Living Staff | LDS Living Blog Polls

We have been thinking a lot about this question recently. Last week, we brought up a similar debate (watchi...


Another Idea to Reinvent Your Sunday

by Dena Kennedy | LDS Living Blog

I have an 11th (or 16th, depending on how you look at it) idea of how to reinvent your Sunday! My friend Su...


10 Ways to Reinvent Your Sunday

by LDS Living Staff and LDS Living Readers

Let’s face it—sometimes Sundays aren’t as enjoyable or fulfilling as we’d like them to be. Between the stre...


Simple Sunday Recipes

by <i>LDS Living</i> staff | Recipes

LDS Living’s article “Ten Ways to Reinvent Your Sunday” offers tips on making the Sabbath your best day of ...

Sabbath observance gets athletes attention

by The Daily Universe | Saints & Sports

BYU is a unique school. It is ranked as the top “Stone Cold Sober School” by the Princeton Review — and non...


Gospel Principles Lesson 24: The Sabbath Day

by LDS Living Staff | Relief Society/Priesthood

To all you beautiful, faithful Sunday afternoon Saints, we commend you for the respect of the Sabbath day w...


School may face punishment in event of Sabbath-day forfeit

by Deseret News | Saints & Sports

For the Southern Virginia University women's soccer team, the choice of whether or not to compete on Sunday...