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“Which Name Should You Take?” The Inspired Question That Came to Emily Belle Freeman during the Sacrament

by Emily Belle Freeman, adapted from "Grace Where You Are" | April 22, 2020 | Makes You Think

It is winter. The dark comes too soon, and the cold surrounds, and I struggle to hold fast to joy. The stor...


Found in the Footnotes: President Nelson's Insight about the Sacrament You May Have Missed

by Lindsey Williams | February 7, 2020 | Makes You Think

Editor's Note: Our weekly Friday column, “ Found in the Footnotes ,” explores some of the footnotes from re...


4 Tips to Help You Focus During the Sacrament

by LDS Living Staff | Makes You Think Mormon Life

The following article originally ran on  LDS Living  in September 2015. When Jesus visited the Am...


The Sacrament: Why Do We Take the Bread Before the Water?

by Alicia Soto | Makes You Think

The sacrament is an ordinance that we, as members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, can p...


The Surprising and Meaningful History Behind the Word "Sacrament"

by Daniel Peterson, for LDS Living | Makes You Think Mormon Life

At the heart of regular weekly worship in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is the simple rit...


10 Ways to Feel the Spirit on Sundays Even When You Have to Work

by Kelsey Berteaux | Mormon Life

The following article previously ran on  LDS Living in September 2016. After graduating high school, i...


Powerful Easter Insights That Will Help You See the Sacrament in a New Way

by David Butler | Makes You Think Mormon Life

Join  LDS Living, David Butler, and Emily Freeman  in a  special Easter celebration this wee...


From Atheism to Disfellowship and Back to God: How a Sacrament Prayer Changed Everything for Me

by Samuel Brown, excerpted from "First Principles and Ordinances" | Makes You Think Mormon Life

The following excerpt has been republished with permission from Two months after graduati...


How Can You Keep the Sacramental Covenant to Always Remember Christ? Here Are Elder Soares' Tips

by Church News | Mormon Life

Happiness and peace in this life and in the world to come depend upon remembering the Savior and covenants ...


What One Woman Learned by Helping Her Dying Mother Take the Sacrament for the Last Time

by Brad Wilcox, excerpted from "Changed through His Grace" | Makes You Think Mormon Life

My sister-in-law Cheryl Harward Wilcox came to value the sacrament much more as she helped care for her mot...