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Watch: What do Latter-day Saints Believe About Salvation and Exaltation?

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Everyone will experience death, but what happens after we leave our mortal lives behind? Do we live again? ...


3 False Doctrines We May Believe More Than We Think

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When I was younger I had a very unpleasant "tradition." Twice a year my throat was attacked to where each t...


Brad Wilcox: 6 Ways Our Savior's Grace Saves Us

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The following is an excerpt from Brad Wilcox's book, Changed Through His Grace : What sets Latter-day Saint...


How Understanding the Difference Between Salvation and Exaltation Helps Us Understand Grace

by My Life By Gogogoff | Makes You Think Mormon Life

We know that the relationship between grace and works is important for us to understand, and one way we can...


Doctrine and Covenants and Church History Lesson 19: "The Plan of Salvation"

by Ted L. Gibbons | Lesson Helps

Introduction: Hugh Nibley gave an interesting insight into the plan of salvation as he reported and comment...


Brad Wilcox: 5 Things the Temple Should Mean to Us

by | Makes You Think Mormon Life

MR says: What does the temple mean to you? How can you see this beautiful house of God in a new way? I...