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Mormon Athlete Vai Sikahema Inducted into Broadcasting Hall of Fame

by Deseret News | Saints & Sports

NBC reports that Vai Sikahema — BYU alumni and former athlete, NFL star and current sports broadcaster — ha...

NCAA Reinstates BYU Cross Country Runner After Costume Race Issue

by Salt Lake Tribune | Saints & Sports

BYU cross country star Jared Ward’s four-year battle with the NCAA, which the senior described as a "roller...


Mormon NFL Star, Broadcaster Todd Christensen Dies at 57

by Deseret News | Mormons We Know Saints & Sports

Former BYU great and Oakland/L.A. Raiders tight end Todd Christensen has passed away, the BYU athletics dep...


NCAA Wrong Again in Case of LDS Cross-country Runner Stripped of Eligibility for Costume Race

by Deseret News | Saints & Sports

For the second time in 2½ months, the NCAA came to its senses and reversed field after picking on some help...


Mormon Faith More Important to Jabari Parker Than NBA Stardom

by Sports Illustrated | Saints & Sports

Jake Flannigan filmed every in-state basketball game played by Chicago's Simeon Career Academy during the 2...


How a BYU Student's 'Smart Helmet' Might Save Football Players from Brain Damage

by Deseret News | Saints & Sports

When BYU running back Jamaal Williams was involved in a violent collision during a game on Sept. 21, his mo...

Opponents Help Girl Score in Soccer

by | Saints & Sports

What was supposed to be a straightforward high school girls conference matchup turned into a display of rem...


NCAA Suspends LDS Member for Playing 'Church Ball,' Then Reverses Decision

by KSL | Saints & Sports

A returned LDS missionary in Georgia was stunned to learn he can't play college basketball because of a few...


Mormon Cowboy Inducted into Rodeo Hall of Fame

by LDS Church News | Saints & Sports

"If you want to be a champion bull rider, you have to ride the toughest bull," was Earl Wesley Bascom's phi...


Injury Turns into LDS Mission for Women's Basketball Player

by Albuquerque Journal | Saints & Sports

Whitney Johnson couldn’t help wondering whether her second season-ending injury happened for a reason. A re...