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Balancing motherhood in summer

by Deseret News | Opinions & Features

Recently, we took our high school graduate to Hawaii for his senior trip and my speaking assignment at Brig...


Summer Travel Series: Independence and Liberty, Missouri

by Newsroom | Opinions & Features

Early Latter-day Saints experienced some of the darkest days of the Church in Independence and Liberty, Mis...

100 things to do this summer

by Deseret News | Opinions & Features

We don’t do summer camps around here. The beauty of summer is letting go of the school year's strict schedu...


{Lifestyle} Sunscreen, Please!

by Ashley Jones | Health Lifestyle

Question: When did tan skin become the “in” thing? Can you pin a date or time period on it? Chinese women d...


{Lifestyle} Ultimate Guide: Swimsuits Part II

by Ashley Evanson | Lifestyle

We had so much success with our first swimsuit guide ( click here ), that I thought, “Why not post more?!” ...


Summer Reading List for Adults & Young Adults

by LDS Living staff | Activities

(For our Summer Reading List for Kids, click here .) Band of Sisters by Annette Lyon; 2010 Whitney Award wi...


Summer Reading List for Kids

by Holly Newton | Activities

Summer is coming! Here’s a list of great kids’ reads to keep the kids busy, beginning with picture books. T...


{Lifestyle} Ultimate Guide: Swimsuits

by Ashley Evanson | Lifestyle

Oh, swimsuit season, how I love to loathe you. That’s because I can never find a modest swimsuit that doesn...

Summer Fun (on a low budget!)

by Time Out for Women blog | Best of LDS Blogs

Doesn’t it feel good when the sun is out?! (Hopefully it is for you, WHEREVER you are!) Well, you don’t nee...

Water Know-how

by Julie Christensen | Tips

According to Kids Health, nearly one thousand kids drown each year in the United States, and most of those ...