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Top 10 Water Safety Rules for Kids

by Julie Christensen | Tips

Stay away from open water in your neighborhood, including ditches, lakes, and drains. Never enter a backyar...

Summer Fun for the Children; And the Parents Too!

by Millennial Star | Best of LDS Blogs

My children have started a fun new game this Summer thanks to a very creative friend. They play “camping.” ...


16 Days of Summer Fun

by LDS Living | Opinions & Features

Struggling to come up with a summer’s worth of activities? We’ll get you on your way in no time. If "I'm bo...

Self-employment for the Summer

by Dave Ramsey | Finances

Dear Dave, I'm a college student in Utah, and I compete with lots of other students for summer jobs. Do you...

Fire Up the Grill

by LDS Living Staff | Around the House Tips

Nothing is better for summer days than smoky, mildly charred meats, veggies, and fruits. Grilled food can t...

Mom-friendly Vacations

by Kim Grant | Parenting

While it's not very fair, it is a reality that going on vacation can mean just as much work for a mom (mayb...


16 Days of Summer Fun

by LDS Living Staff | Activities

If "I'm booorred" is an all-too-familiar phrase around your household during the summer, you'll probably wa...

Zoo Games

by LDS Living Staff | Activities

Find out when the animals will be reappearing at your local zoo and plan a trip. While simply looking at th...

Family Summer Olympics

by LDS Living Staff | Activities

Warm weather has a way of bringing families together. This year, as the summer comes to a close, hold a fam...

Seasonal Jobs for Kids

by Heidi Beutler | Parenting

Summer 1. Clean Barbecues Use a grill brush to scrape off debris and grimy build-up. There are many differe...