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{Poll} The Perfect Marriage Age

by LDS Living Staff | Polls

Oh, wedding season! LDS Living is celebrating with a fun photo gallery of photos our readers sent in of the...


Poll: Video Games in the Home

by LDS Living | Polls

Nintendo Wii. iPod Touch. PSP. Xbox 360. If your family is anything like the majority of American families,...

Poll: Are You an Emotional Eater?

by LDS Living Staff | Health Polls

Emotional eating is a very serious condition frequently seen by physicians but not often discussed publicly...


Poll: Tankini vs. One Piece Swimsuit

by LDS Living staff | Lifestyle Polls

There is a debate among some Mormons involving tankini and one piece swimsuits.  Some people believe t...


Timeless Etiquette Poll

by LDS Living staff | Polls

We want to know what you think of all of the etiquette "rules" addressed in our article "Timeless Etiquette...


Poll: Husband vs. Wife--A Traditional Division of Labor

by LDS Living staff | Polls

Who performs each chore or job within your household? Do you go by traditional rules where the wife tends t...


Poll: What's Your Favorite Easter Candy?

by Ashley Evanson | Polls

We're having a debate here in the office--we can't agree on the tastiest Easter candy. It's obviously the R...


Poll: Are You Prepared for a Disaster?

by LDS Living staff | Polls

With the many natural disasters and failing economies around the world, the need to be prepared for hard ti...


{Food Dish} Happy Pi Day! + POLL

by LDS Living staff | The Food Dish Polls

Happy Pi Day, everyone! March 14—3.14—is official Pi Day, and in celebration, we here at LDS Living have ma...


{A&E} POLL: ‘The Book of Mormon’ Musical

by Ashley Evanson | Arts & Entertainment Polls

The Book of Mormon musical has generated a lot of buzz in and out of the LDS community, and can you blame a...