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Understanding how doctrinal principles work together: Read Tad R. Callister's insights

by Valerie Russell | September 15, 2020 | Makes You Think

Sometimes, considering doctrinal principles as separate and distinct ideas can feel like the best way to fu...


Tad R. Callister on the key to avoiding Pharisaic parenting

by Jannalee Sandau | August 6, 2020 | Makes You Think

If you have read or had a lesson on the New Testament, chances are you encountered something related to the...


5 Profound Insights from "The Infinite Atonement"

by Jannalee Sandau | Makes You Think

The following article originally ran on  LDS Living  in 2016. Next to Jesus the Christ by Elder J...


Watch: Tad Callister Gives Evidences of the Book of Mormon + How It Brought His Friend Back to the Church

by LDS Living Staff | Videos Makes You Think Mormon Life

In this LDS Living video, Tad Callister, former Sunday School general president of the Church, offers a bea...


What Gandhi's Life Teaches Latter-day Saints About Fasting and the Atonement

by Tad R. Callister, adapted from "The Infinite Atonement" | Makes You Think

Force has never been the Savior's governing scepter. Instead, he teaches that power and godly influence com...


7 Ways the Bible Prophesies of the Book of Mormon

by Tad Callister adapted from "A Case for the Book of Mormon" | Makes You Think

A number of years ago, someone asked me, “If the Book of Mormon is such a critical witness of the Savior, w...


Tad Callister on What It Was Like to Grow Up the Grandson of an Apostle + What He Learned Writing About the Book of Mormon

by Trent Toone, for LDS Living | Makes You Think Mormon Life

Brother Tad R. Callister was released in April as Sunday School general president of The Church of Jesus Ch...


The Ultimate List of LDS Classics Every Mormon Should Read

by Christiana Pinborough | Mormon Life

It isn't an easy task to narrow down the list of books written by prophets, apostles, and historians about ...


An Analogy That Shows There Is Only Way to Combat Criticism to the Book of Mormon

by LDS Living Staff | Videos Makes You Think Mormon Life

Is the Book of Mormon man-made or God-given? That's a question that has plagued historians, archaeolog...