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The LDS Church in Austria

by Jenny Spencer and Eva Roth | Global View

Learning the Notes The beginnings of the Church were not always so harmonious. In 1841, Elder Orson Hyde wa...


The LDS Church in Mongolia

by Briana Stewart | Global View

History in the Making It all started with a hunting trip. Monte J. Brough, who would later be called to the...


The LDS Church in Madagascar

by Jenny Spencer | Global View

Children with dusty feet playing in the trash. Street vendors begging tourists to buy their vanilla. Women ...


The LDS Church in Russia

by Charles Cranney | Global View

Joseph Smith and Pushkin, Russia’s beloved poet and the founder of Russian literature, were contemporaries....


The LDS Church in Papua New Guinea

by Kaela Worthen Gardner

Papua New Guinea is a country rife with rich variety. Over 600 islands make up just 10 percent of the count...