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Pre-trip Preparations Check List

by Fun For Less Tours | Travel Tips

Begin packing 2 or 3 days prior to your trip The greatest stress to your vacation is the packing and lack o...

Afraid of Flying?

by S. Michael Wilcox | Travel Tips

Fun For Less Tours is owned by the Tyndall Family. As a family they have traveled over 50,000,000 miles by ...

Water, Water, Everywhere, Nor Any Drop to Drink!

by John L. Lund | Travel Tips

When you travel abroad always remember that you are the guardian of your own personal health. Be careful of...

Pinching Vacation Pennies

by Ashley Evanson | Travel Tips

Stress and economic fear are strangers to no one these days. Most people could use a relaxing vacation righ...

Destination: Disney

by Sharon Zenz | U.S. Themed Travel Travel Tips

Since the opening of Disneyland more than fifty years ago, Disney has been finding new ways to make your li...

The Best of Vacationing

by Marie Gross | Themed Travel Travel Tips

Best Amusement Parks Busch Gardens Tampa, Florida and Williamsburg, Virginia Take your...