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Destination: Palmyra, N.Y.

by Angela Lankford | U.S.

Autumn in Palmyra, New York is breathtaking. The colors of fall are presented in the form of apple orchards...


4 Places You Must See in West Virginia

by Sunny Morton | U.S.

1. Harpers Ferry The little town of Harpers Ferry wedges itself into the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mounta...


Destination: Appalachian Highlands

by Sunny Morton | U.S.

If you asked for a hundred people’s favorite vacation moment in West Virginia, you would get a hundred diff...

Blessed Honored Pioneer

by S. Michael Wilcox | U.S. LDS Life

I walk slowly, looking frequently behind me to the lovely city and the temple reigning above it and let the...

Destination: Mesa Verde

by Adrienne Bass | U.S.

In 1888, on a snowy December day, two ranchers in southwest Colorado set out in search of stray cattle. Ric...


Reinventing Laie

by Jena Peterson | U.S.

During any given semester, more than sixty countries are represented in Laie. Students arrive from as far a...


Things I Didn't Know in Church History about Palmyra, New York!

by John L. Lund | U.S.

Why did Joseph Smith's father choose to live in Palmyra? Obviously, the Lord guided his pathway so that you...

Nauvoo for Every Season

by Dean Hughes | U.S.

Chances are, you've already visited Nauvoo. And if you have, chances are even greater that you came in the ...

Destinations: Mid-coast Maine

by Sunny Jane Morton | U.S.

People don't accidentally discover Maine. It's not on a major thoroughfare; in fact, Maine is at the end of...

Destination: Boston

by Joanne Packard | U.S.

Established in 1630 by Puritans, Boston was one of the first cities in the New World. It was originally cal...