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BibleVideos.LDS.org releases series of Easter-themed videos, adds e-card function

by News.lds.org | Everything Else

In the weeks leading up to April 8, 2012, BibleVideos.lds.org plans to release a series of Easter-related v...


Corpus Christi

by By Common Consent | Best of LDS Blogs

I don’t think it’s insignificant that Mormons do not have religious holidays, even Christmas and Easter are...


Latter-day Saints join with the rest of the Christian world in celebrating Easter

by Newsroom | What We Believe

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints joins with the rest of the Christian world this week in cel...


{Lifestyle} What Christmas and Easter Have in Common

by Ashley Jones | Lifestyle

No, this isn’t a post about Christmas--if it were, I’d be four months late. Bear with me until I make my po...


CNN: A Mormon Passover Seder

by CNN | Opinions & Features

The scene played out like many other Seders at Jewish campus centers, but in Provo, Utah, there was a twist...

First Presidency Easter Message for 2011

by LDS Church News | What We Believe

Among the most cherished thoughts and writings in this world is the divine statement of truth: "For God so ...


Weekend Craft: Nesting Place Cards

by Oh My Crafts | Holidays Tips

Place cards are fun way of decorating your table for that most special meal with family and friends. These ...


Preparing for Easter: Ideas for Celebrating

by Eric D. Huntsman | Holidays

For both children and adults alike, Christmas is, and probably always will be, a much bigger and more attra...


{Lifestyle} Send Us Your Easter Pics!

by Ashley Evanson | Lifestyle

Every family has a few Easter memories that stand out from the rest. We're just hoping you captured them on...


Poll: What's Your Favorite Easter Candy?

by Ashley Evanson | Polls

We're having a debate here in the office--we can't agree on the tastiest Easter candy. It's obviously the R...