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Follow Now With the new year comes new goals and aspirations. One of ours here at  LDS Living is to he...


Watch: Church Video Shares 60 Mormon Beliefs in 60 Seconds

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Mormon.org recently created a new video featuring Mormons sharing what they believe, all in just 60 seconds...


5 Things Mormons Believe That Many Christians Don't (but That Make So Much Sense)

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While we enjoyed the following article, we acknowledge that we can learn much from fellow Christians and ot...


6 Things About the Articles of Faith That Might Surprise You

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The brevity of the Articles of Faith sometimes causes us to overlook their significance. How miraculous is ...


3 Common Questions About Prayer +How the Book of Mormon Answers Them

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God loves His children, and He wants to communicate with us through prayer. The Book of Mormon, a book of h...


What is the Meaning of Life? Start with These 10 Quotes

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In a world where material wealth, fleeting fame, self-obsession, and instant gratification rule the airways...


The Health Benefits of the Word of Wisdom & Fasting

by The Idaho Statesman | News from Utah

Many people, if asked what they know about members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints or Mo...


18 Quotes from LDS Leaders About Why Dads Matter

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With Father's Day on the horizon, neckties are flying off department store shelves. As important as it may ...


5 Facts About Dedicating Your Home + How to Do It

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Our family has been uprooted often, and we consider ourselves nearly nomadic. We have lived in some lovely ...


How 6 Fundamental Evangelical Convictions Apply to Latter-day Saint Beliefs

by Deseret News | Makes You Think Mormon Life

In his 1995 book “Evangelicalism and the Future of Christianity,” the prolific British biologist and theolo...