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Women Endowed with Priesthood Power: Relief Society General Presidency Answers 4 Crucial Questions

by Danielle B. Wagner | Makes You Think Mormon Life

More than 5,000 questions were submitted to the general Relief Society, Young Women, and Primary presidenci...


The Difference Between Priesthood Power and Priesthood Authority (and How Women and Men Can Access Both)

by Wendy Ulrich, excerpted from "Live Up to Our Privileges: Women, Power, and Priesthood" | Makes You Think

Priesthood power is more than priesthood authority. With priesthood authority  (authorization through ...


3 Ways We Can Better Understand the Connection Women Have with Priesthood Power

by ChurchofJesusChrist.org | Makes You Think Mormon Life

How can we better understand the connection women have with priesthood power and help them “to step forward...


Joseph Smith's Teachings on Women Giving Blessings and Sisters Entering the "Order of the Priesthood”

by ChurchofJesusChrist.org | Makes You Think Mormon Life

This is a part of a new LDS Living series where we will be highlighting the Church gospel topics essays, wh...


5 Things Your Sons and Daughters Should Understand About the Aaronic Priesthood Before They Turn 12

by Mark A. Mathews | Makes You Think

Do you know a young Latter-day Saint who will soon be turning 12? Meridian Magazine shares five things ever...


Elder and Sister Renlund: 4 Ways Women Exercise Priesthood Power and Authority

by Elder Dale G. Renlund, excerpted from "The Melchizedek Priesthood" | Makes You Think Mormon Life

The following is an excerpt from Elder and Sister Renlund's new book, The Melchizedek Priesthood Understand...


3 Ways Women Have Priesthood Authority in the Church

by Meridian Magazine | Makes You Think Mormon Life

For a more in-depth look at this topic, check out, " 5 Ways Women Are Already Given Priesthood Authority an...


Mormon Women Giving Blessings: Everything You Need to Know

by Danielle B. Wagner | Makes You Think Mormon Life

In the early days of the Church, it was not uncommon for women to participate in giving blessings of healin...


April 2017 Visiting Teaching Message: "Oath and Covenant of the Priesthood"

by LDS Living Staff | Lesson Helps

As sisters in the gospel, it is important to remember that all of the blessings of the priesthood apply to ...


What I Hope We'll Teach Our Daughters (and Sons) About the Priesthood (Part 2)

by Wendy Ulrich | Makes You Think Mormon Life

The following is a segment of an address originally given by Latter-day Saint Wendy Ulrich, Ph.D., at the F...