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Pro golfer Tony Finau discusses Word of Wisdom and light of Christ in podcast interview

by Danielle Christensen

In a recent podcast interview on The Erik Anders Lang Show, professional golfer Tony Finau shared how he li...


7 hidden treasures for a mom from the Word of Wisdom

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The test came back positive. My 8-year-old had COVID-19, and our family was stuck in quarantine anxiously w...


How I Lost 40 Pounds Living the Word of Wisdom

by Jenny Spencer | Makes You Think

This story originally ran on LDS Living in August 2014.  Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Jenn...


Church Clarifies Word of Wisdom, Stance on Green Tea, Mocha, Vaping in Statement

by LDS Living Staff | From the Church Makes You Think Mormon Life

In a recent   New Era   article, the Church offered some clarifications to the Word of Wisdom, sp...


Watch: New Church Video Explains Word of Wisdom in 5 Minutes

by LDS Living Staff | Videos Makes You Think Mormon Life

The Word of Wisdom is more than a health code; it is a guide that helps members live happy, healthy lives a...


5 Ways You Can Better Live the Word of Wisdom

by Lindsey Miller | Makes You Think Mormon Life

The Word of Wisdom is one of the first things you learn about in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day S...


6 Myths Latter-day Saints Often Tell Each Other About Our Beliefs

by Lindsey Miller | Makes You Think Mormon Life

People who aren’t members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints often associate our religion w...


Why Should We Take Care of Our Bodies Now If They Will Be Made Perfect in the Resurrection?

by Katie Lambert | Mormon Life

When I was a kid, I always wanted red hair.  Yeah, yeah, yeah, go ahead with your red-head jokes and j...


How One Air Force Pilot Learned the Power of Standing Up for His Values

by Brock Booher | Makes You Think

I was fresh out of U.S. Air Force pilot training, struggling to find my place as the new guy in my first fi...


The Former President of South Korea's Unexpected Reaction When a Mormon Refused a Cocktail in His Throne Room

by ChurchofJesusChrist.org | Mormon Life

It was 1980 and a coup d’état had just occurred in South Korea. An official from Washington was sent out to...