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Are You Lucky?

by Aspiring Mormon Women | Best of LDS Blogs Opinions & Features

I spent nearly half of my mission service training new missionaries. This allowed time for a lot of extra s...


All the Single Ladies

by Aspiring Mormon Women | Opinions & Features

Like many, I enjoyed the depiction of sister missionaries and the discussion about expanding roles for Morm...


Waiting Around for Marriage: God’s Surprising Plan for Me

by Aspiring Mormon Women | Best of LDS Blogs

The life I am living is one I never imagined for myself as a young woman. Like plenty of other teenage Morm...


Choosing to be Brave: Motherhood and the Workforce

by Aspiring Mormon Women | Opinions & Features

No one told me how much bravery would be required to become a parent. I also never realized the bravery req...


Two Minutes With My Mental Therapist

by Middle-Aged Mormon Man | Best of LDS Blogs

Yesterday was a long day. It had started out with a quasi work disaster that launched me out the door befor...

New Bible Video: The Parable of the Talents

by YouTube | What We Believe


The Power of 'No'

by Deseret News | Opinions & Features

At the beginning of January, our family reviewed our goals from last year. The entire family burst out laug...


Bible Meets Twitter in LDS Author's New Book, 'The Twible'

by Religion News Service | Arts & Entertainment

Nearly every home has at least one Bible, although few read it. But 16 percent of Americans log on to Twitt...

Video: Sheri Dew on Mormon Women and the Priesthood

by YouTube | Mormons We Know


Should You Pay Your Kids for Good Grades?

by Jessica Carter | Parenting

I'll admit it: I pay my kids for earning good grades. Cold, hard cash. Is this a bribe? Many parents would ...