12 unique nativities to start or build your collection

by | Nov. 02, 2020


While Christmas traditions vary widely from country to country, there is one small tradition that you'll see almost anywhere in the world where the birth of the Savior is celebrated: the Nativity.

We've compiled some of our favorite nativities for 2020—each with unique perspectives on that sacred and silent night. You can also watch the video below to watch a virtual nativity preview from Deseret Book, featuring some of the 300 nativities representing 25 countries in this year's collection. 

A Christ-Centered Nativity (12-piece set)

A Christ-Centered Nativity (12-Piece Set)

Celebrate a Christ-centered Christmas with this colorful nativity that is sure to be part of your family's traditions. Based on the book by Emily Belle Freeman and David Butler, this nativity set tells a unique part of the story of each character from that first Christmas.

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Love's Pure Light Nativity Set (8-Piece set)

Love's Pure Light Nativity Set
8-Piece Set

This beautiful Kate Lee nativity includes eight pieces and features Mary, Joseph holding the Baby Jesus, three wise men, and three shepherds. This nativity is made with Kate Lee's same signature style and will truly bring the spirit of Christmas into your home this holiday season.

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Love's Pure Light Nativity (3-Piece set)

Love's Pure Light Nativity 3-Piece Set

This three-piece set to add to your Love's Pure Light nativity features a star, an angel, and a kneeling camel for the wise men—all in Kate Lee's unique, minimalist style.

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India Woodblock Nativity (10-piece set)

India Woodblock Nativity

The India Woodblock nativity is a stunning 10-piece set in a woodblock print style. This style is used in traditional printing as artisans carve out the image on the surface of the wood, roll it in ink, then firmly press it onto the page creating a beautiful illustration. We're not saying you should dip this set in ink, but the carved wood adds a unique texture and detail that is amazing. 

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Guatemala Wood Nativity (8-Piece Set)

Guatemala Wood Nativity

Another international nativity, this gorgeous eight-piece wood nativity set is from Guatemala. We love the bright colors and traditional motifs. The tallest piece in this set measures three inches tall.

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Zimbabwe Holy Family Nativity (3-Piece Set)

Zimbabwe Holy Family Nativity

The Zimbabwe Holy Family nativity brings into focus the beauty of Christ’s birth through a simple yet thought-provoking design. Although the figures do not have many adornments, they are made from springstone—a locally sourced hard stone significant to the people of Zimbabwe. This stone is mined carefully by hand, so the product from start to finish is handled with the same care and respect that we show the Christ child.

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Cambodian Paper Quilled Nativity (11-piece set)

Cambodian Paper Quilled Nativity 11-Piece Set

Representing the diverse artistic culture of Cambodia, this nativity is made through a process called quilling. Small strips of paper are carefully twirled, rolled, shaped, and then glued together to make intricate designs. Although the design might appear to be simple, a closer look at any of these figures will reveal the meticulous attention to detail and skill at creating these 3D figurines.

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Holy Family Lantern Nativity

Holy Family Lantern Nativity

This unique nativity will add an element of fun to your holiday decorations this Christmas season. Captured inside a lantern, Mary, Joseph, and the baby Jesus are seen among the sparkle adhered to the glass, making it almost look like snow. This beautiful Holy Family Lantern Nativity is perfect if you're looking for something a little different to help you remember the birth of Christ this holiday season.

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Nativity Metal Luminaries (3-piece set)

Nativity Metal Luminaries 3-Piece Set

Luminaries are a familiar Christmas tradition. And now anyone can invite the spirit of Christmas into their home with the warm glow of candlelight from this Luminary Bags nativity set. This unique nativity set is sure to bring the spirit of Christmas into any home.

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Wooden Peg Doll Nativity (9-piece set)

Wooden Peg Doll Nativity

If you’re looking for a fun, unique nativity to add—or perhaps start—your collection, this Wooden Peg Doll nativity set may be just what you need. This nine-piece set will fit perfectly on any shelf, table, or display area, and its durable wood material means it's safe for curious little hands. It also comes with a custom linen drawstring bag, making it easy to store or give as a gift. 

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Silent Night Nativity (10-piece set)

Silent Night Nativity 10-Piece Set

Inspired by the beloved Christmas hymn, “Silent Night,” this 10-piece nativity set captures the peaceful and reverent beauty of Christ’s birth. The words of the hymn are artfully engraved on each of the figurines. Inspire family and friends with the true meaning of Christmas with this beautiful nativity set.

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Amish Wood Nativity (9-piece set)

Amish Wood Nativity 9-Piece Set

This nine-piece Amish Wood nativity set and made in Ohio. The craftsmanship is exquisite. Nine unique pieces represent the Christmas story: Joseph, Mary, Baby Jesus, the animals, and of course, the beautiful star. We love that the star and Baby Jesus are made from a lighter wood, and remind us about the Light of Christ that shines on the entire world.

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