Watch: Cosmo the Cougar Responds to Oregon Duck's Dance Challenge in the Best Way Possible


Thanks to KSL for making us aware of these videos.

For those of you that don't know, BYU's Cosmo the Cougar has some pretty sick dance moves. 

From cracking the pavement with his #icarltonchallenge to his recent, epic throw down at halftime that grabbed the attention of USA Today, Inside Edition, SBNation, and other news and entertainment sites, there's no doubting Cosmo and the cougarettes have some moves. 

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But, as it is with all the great and talented, there have to be imitators. 

The University of Oregon's Duck mascot threw down a challenge at Cosmo with his latest performance while his team played against the University of Utah last Saturday. — The Oregon Duck (@TheOregonDuck) October 28, 2017

The imitation of Cosmo's dance that received nationwide attention did not go unanswered. In fact, Cosmo's official response was perfect, showing the true skill of BYU's mascot. Let's see the Oregon Duck try this:

Not @byu_cosmo but a good effort @TheOregonDuck. Great day for a 41-20 score?!? 👍🏼 Now lets see you do this... — Duff Tittle (@dufftittle) October 29, 2017

Lead image from Twitter
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