"I Choose Joy and Optimism": TODAY Features Latter-day Saint Paralyzed After 100-Foot Fall

For much of her life, Brittany Fisher was a cross-country athlete whose identity was tied to physical activity and competition, but after an 80 to 100-foot fall while repelling left her paralyzed from the waist down in 2012, Fisher was forced to ask herself:

"Who am I anymore?"

While the years-long recovery process had ups and downs, Fisher knew there was a constant in her life she could count on. 

"The biggest thing that I’ve relied on is the Atonement and how it sometimes makes no sense to me but that healing power is found in the Atonement," Fisher told the Deseret News. "The strengthening and enabling power, that it’s not just forgiveness for our sins but it's actual strength, strength for me to actually stand some days and walk but then also strength to overcome those emotional trials."

And through her faith-driven recovery came understanding. 

“I’ve been given blessings of healing, and I’ve learned that healing doesn’t necessarily mean I’m going to stand up and walk and run," she said. "While there has been a lot of that — I am standing up and walking some — but I’ve been healed by being given the strength and understanding or patience," she said.

Fisher was recently featured on TODAY, where she shared more about her inspiring story.

Lead image a screenshot from TODAY
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