LDS Living Submission Guidelines

Want to contribute to LDS Living?
Read more here about our editorial focus and instructions for submitting your work.

Thanks for your interest in contributing to LDS Living! We’re always looking for a diversity of voices to add to our online publication as well as to our bimonthly magazine. LDS Living’s goal is to complement Latter-day Saints’ lifestyles and help them live and celebrate the gospel of Jesus Christ. Your contributions help us share stories that reach across broad demographics. If you have a story idea to pitch or a manuscript to send us, please email Even if writing isn’t your thing, if you know a Latter-day Saint who is doing something great, we’d love to hear your ideas of people or topics to feature.

Our Editorial Focus

LDS Living articles should be informative and faith promoting for our readers. There are lots of article types that can meet that objective. For example, our readers love pieces that tell a compelling story from the life of a person of faith. They’re also interested in “how to” articles that shed new light on what it means to live gospel principles. We’re happy to consider any unique, fun articles that provide entertaining insights into the Latter-day Saint lifestyle. Please be aware that we can’t publish stories that have appeared in other publications.

Choosing a Topic

Wondering if your idea is a good fit for LDS Living? Here are few ideas to help you find out:

  • Spend some time reading our website and magazine to become familiar with the different kinds of stories we publish, as well as their tone and style.
  • Keep up with what the leaders of the Church are teaching—this will help you know what topics are most relevant right now.
  • Don’t be afraid to do some research. Find sources to back up your ideas.
  • When you email us your submission, tell us a little bit about yourself and why you chose to write about what you did.

We’re open to any article idea, but here are few examples to get your wheels turning:

  • Making a Difference: Ordinary Latter-day Saints reaching out to their communities in extraordinary ways.
  • Home and Family: Topics like family roles, family fun, family history, marriage, navigating relationships, life transitions, parenting, single parenting, and grandparenting.
  • Discovery: Perspectives from cultures around the world that help expand our vision of the Latter-day Saint experience.
  • Gospel Discussion: Insights on current prophetic teachings, conversion stories, personal faith-promoting experiences, and gospel takes on world events. These should generally be rooted in an individual, personal experience or perspective. In general, doctrinal expositions are not appropriate for our publication.

Submitting your Manuscript

Manuscripts and story ideas can be submitted to Sorry, we can’t accept queries over the phone. Please keep your submission to a length of 600–2,200 words.

A Few Other Things

Manuscripts submitted to LDS Living are received solely at the creator’s risk. No work is accepted without a signed copy of the contributor agreement.

Assignment of Rights: For previously unpublished manuscripts, LDS Living assumes all rights, including the exclusive right to publish work in a magazine, in a book, on the internet, or in any other media which LDS Living deems appropriate. We do not accept submissions of previously published works.

Consideration: If your article is selected for publication, an editor will work with you to create a contributor agreement.

Affiliations: LDS Living is a division of Deseret Book Company, published in Salt Lake City, Utah.