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The world needs you! No matter how ordinary you feel, you have a powerful role in the gospel of Jesus Christ. As the world gets darker, this is our time to step forward—to love harder, to lead boldly, to live happy! Our conversations are inspired by the prophecy and promise that Latter-day Saint women will be a significant force for good, and we’re here to help each other be these women.  

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Kathryn Davis is a full-time Seminary Teacher. She is an EFY/FSY speaker and session director. She loves skiing, football, golf, and trail running with her dog London- who they got because she lost a bet with her daughter. She met her husband at EFY - no, they were not participants. After serving a mission in Hamburg, Germany, and teaching at the MTC, she and her husband Steve were both counselors at EFY.  She graduated from BYU with Psychology and English Teaching degrees. She taught high school English, German, and Psychology. She also worked with Stephen Covey to help implement and train the 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens into her high school curriculum. She was a contributor on his book the 6 Events of the Restoration.

She is the mother of four whirlwinds, and spends her days teaching, strengthening relationships, doing homework, carpooling, cheering, and trying to get everything done in a measly 24 hours. She hopes to make you laugh, think, and feel God’s great love for you!

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This month’s book club pick was The Law of Love in Action by former NFL and BYU quarterback Steve Young. As a community we’ve been reading this book together and discuss the different aspects of the law of love: loving as God loves, seeking another’s healing, and expecting nothing in return.
As we have been reading The Law of Love in Action for our bookclub this month, it’s brought to mind some of the great Magnify moments of the past 80 episodes. Next week, we’re having a Magnify book club episode where we’ll discuss all things Law of Love IN ACTION. But today, we thought it would be great to pull some clips from our past favorite episodes and how the women of Magnify have been living the law of love.
This year we felt the Spirit when a special message was given to us from newly set apart acting president of the Quorum of the Twelve, President Holland. He reminded us that, “God hears every prayer we offer and responds to each of them according to the path He has outlined for our perfection.”
In this episode, Maria Eckersley explains her own “beggar’s coat” that Elder Massimo De Feo shared in his recent general conference address. The thing that we have a hard time letting go of can often be the thing that will bring us closer to the Savior when we finally do. So how can put those things aside and trust in the plan? Let’s chat about it!
We’re now a couple weeks out of general conference, and perhaps wondering where to start with our studies. Brooke Walker tackles this in today’s episode as well as sharing three things she does to better recognize, remember, and treasure the rays of truth that Heavenly Father sends to us.
This is one of those times when, as a woman in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, you realize you are standing on the shoulders of other remarkable, dynamic, visionary, faith-filled women like the late Ardeth G. Kapp. In this very special episode of the Magnify podcast, Deseret Book President Laurel Day does more than reminisce about her friend and mentor. This is a one-of-a kind conversation with two iconic guests where you will come away wanting to magnify your own place in the world and walk through the doors of opportunity that open for you.
Did you enjoy General Conference? It was a weekend full of uplifting messages. There were so many things on our hearts going into this weekend. Our mission at Magnify is to be women who can be powerful forces for good in our communities and our homes, and we felt like there was no better way to do this than to have real, honest conversations today about what moved us from these messages.
If we’re honest, it’s all too easy to forget to rely on God and His good grace. But this is exactly what we need to do if we are humble followers of Jesus Christ. In a his October 2023 General Conference address, Elder Joni L. Koch said humility is a “vital catalyst for spiritual growth” and a “mandatory requirement for us to be ready to return to the presence of God.” Today we’re exploring what humility looks like for women who strive to come unto Christ.
At Magnify, our mission during this special week before Easter is to help us all feel a little holier by focusing on strengthening our relationship with Jesus Christ. As women, we can be powerful forces for good in witnessing the Savior in our every day lives. We can look to the example of the first witness who was a woman, Mary Magdalene.
There are some things in life that you have to often take a step back to see a bigger and better view. A tree can have some broken branches or missing leaves, but when it’s looked at as a whole, it’s always a beautiful image. The Savior can do the same thing with our lives, and when we rely on Him, our branches can be healed.
It's common for women to want to be full of light and, like Elder Quentin L. Cook said, “striving to be full of good cheer.” When we are around people like that, it’s contagious and infectious. We wonder what that looks like and how to maintain it, so let’s chat about it!
The last time you had to introduce yourself, what labels did you use? Did you talk about who you are, what you do, or what you love? All of these labels can be fun, and President Nelson even said that it can be a great way to describe ourselves, but they can also be divisive and restrictive. Today we are going to talk about the most important labels and how we can "label up"!
We’ve heard it said to “expect the unexpected.” But we can feel at times like our expectations aren't always met. Elder Sabin shared a unique message in October 2023 General Conference. He said, “when nothing is expected and everything is appreciated, life becomes magical.” Doesn’t that ring true to you? This episode is all about about how we can find that magic in our lives through trusting God.
Happy Valentine’s Week to the Magnify Community! This holiday is all about celebrating love, and in this week’s episode we talk about the languages of gospel love that Elder Gong shared in his General Conference address, “Love is Spoken Here.”
President Oaks shared in his most recent General Conference address that a distinct doctrine the restored gospel offers is in the definition of Heaven. The binary “heaven and hell” doesn’t resonate with us because we are taught that Heaven will be exactly what we want it to be! God wants us to be happy and to be in a place where we are comfortable. So let’s chat about this doctrine and the happy news that comes with it!

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