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The world needs you! No matter how ordinary you feel, you have a powerful role in the gospel of Jesus Christ. As the world gets darker, this is our time to step forward—to love harder, to lead boldly, to live happy! Our conversations are inspired by the prophecy and promise that Latter-day Saint women will be a significant force for good, and we’re here to help each other be these women.  

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Kathryn Davis is a full-time Seminary Teacher. She is an EFY/FSY speaker and session director. She loves skiing, football, golf, and trail running with her dog London- who they got because she lost a bet with her daughter. She met her husband at EFY - no, they were not participants. After serving a mission in Hamburg, Germany, and teaching at the MTC, she and her husband Steve were both counselors at EFY.  She graduated from BYU with Psychology and English Teaching degrees. She taught high school English, German, and Psychology. She also worked with Stephen Covey to help implement and train the 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens into her high school curriculum. She was a contributor on his book the 6 Events of the Restoration.

She is the mother of four whirlwinds, and spends her days teaching, strengthening relationships, doing homework, carpooling, cheering, and trying to get everything done in a measly 24 hours. She hopes to make you laugh, think, and feel God’s great love for you!

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It might be more comfortable to try to blend in, but when we find the confidence to live differently than what’s popular, we find deeper trust in God and more joy in our personal identity. So how do we do it? Part of our Magnify Manifesto this year is to LIVE DIFFERENT. Perhaps instead of trying to stand out or isolate ourselves from others, we follow the Prophet's counsel to live distinct and different in happy ways by following the Savior.
We’ve spent the last few months really digesting and taking in President Nelson’s message “Peacemakers Needed.” As we have talked about the attributes of a peacemaker, one comes to mind that seems to encompass the others: trust. Trust can help us feel all the other attributes of a peacemaker working in our lives when we can learn to trust the Lord, trust ourselves, and trust that peace will come from our total dependence on the Savior. So what can we do to find that trust and let it work in our lives?
Have you ever felt like forgiveness is a much easier gift to give than to receive? It can be really hard to accept that we are forgiven and move on past our mistakes. But the Lord promises in the Doctrine and Covenants that he will remember our sins no more when we sincerely ask for forgiveness. So why is it so hard?
Have you ever described someone, or given a compliment that someone is fiercely independent? What if we switch that idea around? Not doing it all on your own doesn’t mean you’re failing. In times of feeling alone and overwhelmed, it can be helpful to remember that God meant us to have deep and personal connections with others. We were never meant to have to do everything on our own.
Choosing grace and poise instead of hot takes and big reactions isn’t popular in our culture, but maybe it’s just the thing we need to have more peace in our lives. When is the last time you thought about what it means to be poised? Elder Mark A. Bragg said, “poise is not spoken about much these days and practiced even less in turbulent and divisive times.” Developing poise is a deliberate way to be active peacemakers in a world where having the loudest reaction gets the most attention. Poise rises above the noise and provides us with personal, steady calmness which then allows us to create more peace in the lives of others.
What are you preparing for right now? A trip? Dinner? Getting your crew ready to go back to school? Well, in this episode, we’re talking about how to prepare for something a whole lot more fun. We’re talking about how you can prepare spiritually and physically to receive more peace.
Compassion is a call to action. It helps us reach beyond comfort zones, friend circles, and ward boundaries to serve and love like Jesus would. As we’ve been studying peacemaking, one important part of that pursuit is that peacemaking takes work. It requires action on our part.
Do you have a friend who can brighten your whole day because of how encouraging they are? Or perhaps you are that friend! Uplifting others is a Christlike attribute that brings so much peace to our lives, and it is one of the easiest things to do! It’s a gift we can give others regardless of our means or circumstances. So how do we make encouragement a part of our every day lives and lean on the Savior Jesus Christ as our biggest example?
An important part of our Heavenly Father’s plan is that he doesn’t want us to simply do what is right, but he wants us to choose to follow him and his will for us. Showing up with a willingness to God is a level of faith that will lead us to more peace. When we do this, we can know, like Nephi, that the Lord will prepare a way for us to accomplish his purposes as we courageously say, “I will go and do.”
The dictionary definition of respect is, “to consider someone worthy of high regard or esteem.” The scriptures tell us that God is no respecter of persons, so how do we look at all of his children as worthy, even with those who we may differ from? In his talk, Peacemakers Needed, President Nelson said, “we can literally change the world—one person and one interaction at a time, by modeling how to manage honest differences of opinion with mutual respect and dignified dialogue.”
In Philippians 4, Paul shared: “whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest…think on these things.” We’ve heard it before that “honesty is the best policy” so how do we discover what it really means to be honest with God, honest with ourselves, and honest with others? President Nelson has shared that we can change the world and find peace in our lives when we interact with others managing our differences with honesty and respect.
Being meek doesn’t have to equal being timid and quiet. What if we saw meekness as a principle of power that actually brings more peace into our lives?
As we continue in our “pursuit of peace,” it’s helpful to understand how agency plays a role in being a peacemaker. Agency is the greatest gift we’ve been given, but do we always use our agency for good to create more love and peace in our lives? Choosing to be a peacemaker usually isn’t the loudest or most popular choice, but it is what God has asked of us. Choosing peace is rising above worldly influence to care more about our relationship with God and others than anything else.
Do we sometimes look at being humble as being self-deprecating or diminishing our strengths? Being humble doesn’t equal being unimportant. Humility isn’t shrinking out of sight or shying away from being strong, and it isn’t hating on yourself. When we are truly humble, we can appreciate our own strengths and lift others as well. Like the saying goes, “All ships rise with the tide.” Being humble is another way to know our divine worth and the divine worth of others as children of God.
In today’s world, patience is a virtue that seems to be diminishing. We have access to everything so rapidly. Every situation has a quick fix. Even waiting in the drive-thru feels like an imposition. But patience is an important attribute of a peacemaker. God has told us to “be still and know that I am God.” Perhaps we should take the time to slow down and be still, and even though that can be uncomfortable, what can we learn about patience as we make that effort?

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