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A weekly Come, Follow Me podcast hosted by Tammy Uzelac Hall where we dig into the scriptures together.

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Latest Episodes

Have you ever been given a nickname? Sometimes, those names are silly or just for fun. But other times, they can show an important part of our personality. They can even represent who we are to different friends. The Savior had many, many names He was known by during His ministry—Lamb of God, Healer, and Bread of Life are just a few of the terms we hear Christ being called in Matthew 14, Mark 6, and John 5–6. This week, we find out how we can deepen our relationship with Christ by coming to know Him in a new way as we learn the loving names He was called by His disciples.
Do you see yourself—your day-to-day life, your joys, your troubles—in the parables of Christ? We may not separate wheat from tares or handle mustard seeds as often as the people of Jesus’s day, but His parables are still very much for us. They teach powerfully about ourselves and how we should treat others. In this week’s lesson in Matthew 13, Luke 8; 13, we will dive into why Jesus taught in parables and realize just how applicable they are to modern living.
What goes into making a winning team? First things first: you need to pick a team and sign up. And in today’s discussion of Matthew 11–12 and Luke 11, we talk all about the best team to sign up for. Because when you join Christ’s team, know the rule book, and put on His jersey—er, yoke—then you always come out on top. So let's study the game plan of what Jesus’s winning team looks like and accept the invitation He gives to come claim our spots.
In a burst of eagerness to help clean up, a young girl noticed that there were two jugs of milk in the fridge, but one of them was expired. Determining that the best thing to do was consolidate, she poured the remaining expired milk into the good jug, much to her mother’s chagrin. A lesson from that story might just come into play in this week’s lesson in Matthew 9–10, Mark 5, and Luke 9 as we study Christ’s teaching about old and new wine bottles and the special mission of His chosen Apostles.
The famed poet Henry Wadsworth Longfellow once penned the beautiful words, “Be still, sad heart! and cease repining; Behind the cloud is the sun still shining; Thy fate is a common fate of all, Into each life some rain must fall.” Longfellow is right—rain comes at different times to all of us. But his words also remind us that behind the clouds, the sun is always still shining. In this week’s lesson in Matthew 8, Mark 2–4, and Luke 7, we’ll read about when a tempest caught Jesus’s disciples unaware. And we’ll see that just as the physical sun always still shining, so too is the Son of God always there for us.

Meet your Host

Tamara Uzelac Hall grew up in Utah and Missouri, fully intending to get married and then raise 12 children while putting her husband through medical school. God had other plans.

She went to college and received both her bachelor’s and master’s degrees from BYU. She served a mission in Fresno, California, and worked as a social worker until God steered her life in a completely different direction, becoming a full-time seminary and institute teacher instead.

After buying a house and settling nicely into a family ward, she was set up on (another) blind date with a widower, which miraculously worked and catapulted her into married life and became an insta-mom to two little girls.

Currently, she and her husband are the parents to four girls and live in Utah. She is a host for Time Out for Women; a featured speaker at Temple Square Youth Conferences, Retreat for Girls, and girls’ camps; and has been a speaker at BYU Women’s Conference.

She loves all things scripture and is a lifelong student of the Hebrew language. A good flash mob makes her cry, she is a (self-proclaimed) champion Oreo eater, and she believes that cheese is God’s way of saying, “Hey, everything is going to be OK.”

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