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Sunday on Monday

A weekly Come, Follow Me podcast hosted by Tammy Uzelac Hall where we dig into the scriptures together.

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Latest Episodes

In this episode, we'll begin our study of the book of Revelation—scriptures that some consider to be impossible to understand, overwhelming, and confusing. Our guest, Don Parry, says that the goal of studying Revelation is to “better understand God's designs for the future of the world and its inhabitants and prepare themselves better for the days ahead. In doing so, such individuals will find peace and calmness in their lives, because the Lord has promised us, 'If ye are prepared ye shall not fear' (Doctrine and Covenants 38:30).” So, let’s prepare, along with Don Parry, to dive into Revelation 1–5.
Mother Teresa said, “Being unwanted, unloved, uncared for, forgotten by everybody, I think that is a much greater hunger, a much greater poverty than the person who has nothing to eat.” Today’s story is about Tabitha, a woman who took Paul’s charge in Acts 6 seriously and served widows who were neglected and marginalized. In this episode, we get to reflect on her story and discover how we, in our own way, can care for those who are unnamed, unwanted, unloved, uncared for, and forgotten.
John the Apostle and Jude, one of Jesus’s brothers, wrote their epistles in the New Testament to correct prevailing false doctrine. These corrupt ideas, which had already started leading many Saints into apostasy, included teachings questioning whether Jesus Christ had actually appeared “in the flesh.” Today, as we study 1–3 John and Jude, we’ll dive into how these apostles stood for truth and dispelled erroneous beliefs.
Have you ever considered how inspiring Peter was during the last few years of his life? Christ had shown the Apostle how he would be persecuted and martyred—yet Peter carried on bravely and faithfully. As we study the books of 1 and 2 Peter, we will find inspiration on how we can press forward with optimism and love in the face of trials.
Sometimes just one verse or two of scripture will change you or someone you love. In our study of the book of James this week, you may find verses that help you figure out your mission in life. Or you may find encouragement to be more patient or speak with more kindness. Whatever inspires you, let’s dive in and let these words “enter … into every feeling of [our] heart[s].” And then, as we “receive with meekness the … word,” as James wrote, let's be a doer of the word, not a hearer only.

Meet your Host

Tamara Uzelac Hall grew up in Utah and Missouri, fully intending to get married and then raise 12 children while putting her husband through medical school. God had other plans.

She went to college and received both her bachelor’s and master’s degrees from BYU. She served a mission in Fresno, California, and worked as a social worker until God steered her life in a completely different direction, becoming a full-time seminary and institute teacher instead.

After buying a house and settling nicely into a family ward, she was set up on (another) blind date with a widower, which miraculously worked and catapulted her into married life and became an insta-mom to two little girls.

Currently, she and her husband are the parents to four girls and live in Utah. She is a host for Time Out for Women; a featured speaker at Temple Square Youth Conferences, Retreat for Girls, and girls’ camps; and has been a speaker at BYU Women’s Conference.

She loves all things scripture and is a lifelong student of the Hebrew language. A good flash mob makes her cry, she is a (self-proclaimed) champion Oreo eater, and she believes that cheese is God’s way of saying, “Hey, everything is going to be OK.”

Let's Dig In: A 2023 Study Journal

The Let’s Dig In journal isn’t your ordinary Come, Follow Me study companion. Created specifically for Sunday on Monday listeners in mind, this journal includes a word for each week chosen by the podcast host, Tammy Uzelac Hall. As a seven-year student of Hebrew and former Seminary teacher, Tammy also provides the meaning of the Hebrew words and a related scripture or quote for each week.

And with room for your thoughts and a designated spot for weekly takeaways, the Let’s Dig In journal will enhance both your study of Come, Follow Me lessons for the week and your Sunday on Monday listening experience.

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