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How Not to Start a Talk

May 17, 2012
source: YouTube

MR says: We realize this is an old video, but it's pretty funny. Enjoy.

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aussiegirl said...

08:12 AM
on May 31, 2012

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Regarding the wearing of tights to church...y'all make me chuckle so much. In our tiny country branch here in Armidale, NSW Australia we just welcome everyone, yes even women wearing sleeveless shirts or dresses! Its amazing how over time new members will adapt to the standard of other members who dress perhaps more appropriately. Surely its up to each of us to set the best example we can and be as happy to see each other at church as Im sure our Heavenly Father is. And for the record, Im pretty sure He would rather we worked on our own attitudes and standards and weren't judging others. Im pretty sure I read that in a scripture somewhere :-) With love to my sisters everywhere. Aussiegirl.
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