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{Poll} How Prepared Are You?

Kaela Worthen Gardner - June 28, 2012


A recent study shows most Americans are in bad shape when it comes to financial emergency preparedness. Many Mormons prepare in all areas of life - how have you prepared?

A recent study by found that 28 percent of Americans have no emergency savings at all, and 49 percent don't even have enough to cover three months of expenses. Only 25 percent of America has enough to cover six months of expenses. Ouch!

As Latter-day Saints, we have been encouraged repeatedly by our leaders to stay out of debt and prepare for emergencies--most famously by gathering a year's supply of food. But sometimes it's hard for a young couple struggling to just pay the bills to save up an emergency fund or a student in a cramped college apartment to store a year's supply of food. (Read our tips for food storage for singles and college students.)

Some of us may save money but not things. Others may save food but nothing else. (Find out about other non-food emergency essentials you need.) So we're curious: how prepared are we, really? Take our poll below to find out how you match up to other LDS Living readers.
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What is your main manner of emergency preparation?

How long would you be able to live off your financial savings?

How long would you be able to live off your food storage?

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