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Atheists' anti-Mormon, Catholic billboards removed due to 'hate'

August 28, 2012
source: USA Today

Photo from USA Today.

MR says: These anti-Mormon and Catholic billboards were taken down after the American Atheist group said it received an onslaught of threats and hate.

The American Atheists group that posted billboards mocking Mormon and Christian beliefs to greet Democratic National Convention-goers in Charlotte next week have waved the white flag.

The signs slap at the mainline Protestant Christian faith of President Obama, the Mormon faith of GOP candidate Mitt Romney and their running mates' Catholicism.

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kingbenjamin said...

12:28 PM
on Aug 29, 2012

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I wonder if the news media would have picked this up if the Atheist only targeted Mormons and not Obama and Catholics??

grizzly said...

06:08 PM
on Aug 29, 2012

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I'm a Morman and am sick and tired of all the sick in the head people who think their better than Mormans. Most of you never even entered the doors of a church in fear that the ceiling would fall in on you. heres a thought grow up and stop all the bashing of not only mormans but other churchs. Stand up for the good people of this world no matter what their race or church. Tell the idiots you have a brain and don't want to share theirs anyore. Lets get rid of all the hate in this world and share this planet equally with love and peace.

prob said...

09:58 PM
on Aug 29, 2012

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Grizzly, if you were truly a MORMON, not morman... You would have spelled it right!

marcio4u said...

05:15 AM
on Sep 01, 2012

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I think the list is the way if anybody out there knows any general authoroty please ask them to remove that statue from our chapel door step(hyde park chapel, London uk)no more idol in the church/temple thank you
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