{Lifestyle} Photo Gallery: Fathers Rock!

by | Jun. 14, 2012



Patsy O'Hara Dick
Davenport, Florida
Father: Patrick Joseph O'Hara III

My Dad is valiant in all he sets his sights on doing or being. As a veteran, he continues to honor those who have served our country. Through years of service in the VFW he has held almost every office available, now currently as a Chaplain.

As a father, he valiantly awaited the day when I would understand all those things he taught me. He continues to wait and I know he will always do so for as long as he shall be able to.

He is the horizon that I continually seek for, he is the confetti in my life's celebration. He is truly a gift from God, and I love him more and more as I understand this man who will always be valiant in what he does.

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