{Poll} What's Your Home or Visiting Teaching Style?

We've become curious about how home and visiting teaching play out in real life. For me, I call it good when my visiting teachers come over and sit at the kitchen counter while I cook Sunday dinner and we chat about work, kids, school, and life. Sometimes they share a quick message, sometimes they don't, but I always feel loved. It's funny, on the Sundays they come over, the whole family gathers in the kitchen to be involved because the informality of it makes it fun.

But I know others who would never dream of doing it this way. The home/visiting teachers are escorted to the formal living room of their home and teach of spiritual message. And then there are those who drop off cookies at the doorstep, or leave a message on the answering machine and check it off their to-do list.

I'm not suggesting there's a right or wrong way to do it, I'm just curious about how you do it. Take our poll and leave a comment below on your own personal style.

What's your home/visiting teaching style?

Give a formal lesson
Give a quick, informal lesson
Go over to chat and visit
Bake them a treat
Give them a call
Thinking about them counts

How do you like to be home/visit taught?

A formal lesson
A quick, informal lesson
Chatting and visiting
Give me treats!
A phone call works
Just think about me and we'll call it good

How often do you home/visit teach?

Every month
Every other month, or so
A few times a year
Once a year
What's home/visiting teaching?

How often are you home/visit taught?

Every month
Every other month, or so
A few times a year
Once a year
I don't even know who my home/visiting teachers are

When do you get your teaching done within the month?

First day
First week
Last day of the month (still counts!)
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