Brilliant New Service Lets You Keep a Journal Through Texting

by | Apr. 07, 2015

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President Wilford Woodruff is well known for his meticulous journaling habits, and he often taught that it's something we all should do. 

It may be considered by some not important to write or keep a record of our work or the work of God, but I believe it is. Otherwise the prophets would not have been moved upon to exhort us to faithfulness upon this subject. The Lord has told us that what we seal on earth shall be sealed in heaven and what we record on earth shall be recorded in heaven, and what is not sealed or recorded on earth is not sealed or recorded in heaven [see D&C 128:7–8]. Therefore it appears to be very important that we do keep a true and faithful record in all things.

(Teachings of Presidents of the Church: Wilford Woodruff, [2011], Ch. 13: Journals: "Of Far More Worth Than Gold", 125-33)

But when life gets busy, it's easy for journal writing to slip by the wayside. 

This was a problem Roxanne Merket saw, but instead of writing it off as just a part of journaling, she did something about it. 

"Text My Journal has one goal," her site says, "[to] make journaling ULTRA convenient." 

The process is simple. The service texts you a question once a day at a time you can choose. You reply to that question by texting back, and your answer is saved to a private online journal. You can also include pictures and videos, which get saved in your daily entry. (You can also always text into the service whenever you want and add to your daily entry.)

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But why text?

"For a few reasons, really," Text My Journal explains. "First of all, we wanted this service to be available to everyone with a phone, not just a smart phone. We also didn’t want it dependent on WiFi. Finally, we didn’t want you to take up precious storage space on your phone!"

Preliminary testers have raved about the convenience. "I knew that it would be handy and that I'd like it, but I'm suprised how much I not only appreciated it, but really enjoyed journaling by text," one reviewer wrote.

The service costs $10/month for standard subscriptions with reduced rates available for yearlong contracts or students and members of the military. But you can try it for 15 days for free to see if it fits your life.

Thanks to Segullah for pointing out this amazing tool!

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