Church Announces 7 New Stakes, 36 New Stake Presidents in November

From Nigeria to Tahiti and England to Peru, learn more about the new stakes created and news stake presidents called around the world.

New Stakes

A new stake has been created from the Abakaliki Nigeria District. The Abakaliki Nigeria Stake, which consists of the Abakaliki, Amasiri, Edda, and Enechi Akuma Branches and the Afikpo 1st, Afikpo 2nd, Itim, Nkwagu, Okposi, and Ozizza Wards, was created by Elder Hugo E. Martinez, a General Authority Seventy, and Elder Fredrick O. Akinbo, an Area Seventy.

ABAKALIKI NIGERIA STAKE (October 21, 2018): President—Erhiori Godwin Idudu, 39, resident doctor, Federal Teaching Hospital; wife, Justina Onome Ogbedaye Idudu. Counselors—Amaechi Callstus Nwatu, 31, head porter, Fetha; wife, Chidera Lucy Nwatu. Nnanna Oko Chukwu, 37, principal librarian, Ebonyi State; wife, Queendaline Ogochukinu Chukwu.

A new stake has been created from the Ammon Idaho, Firth Idaho, Idaho Falls Ammon West, Idaho Falls North, Idaho Falls South, Shelley Idaho South, Shelley Idaho, and Ucon Idaho Stakes. The Idaho Falls YSA Stake, which consists of the Parkside YSA, Shelley YSA 1st, and Shelley YSA 2nd Branches and the Ammon YSA, Bonneville YSA, Community Park YSA, Dunbar YSA, and Foothills YSA Wards, was created by Elder Bradley D. Foster, a General Authority Seventy, and Elder Bradford C. Bowen, an Area Seventy.

IDAHO FALLS YSA STAKE (September 16, 2018): President—Brad H Hall, 65, chairman of the board, Brad Hall & Associates and LP Propane, and president, E-H Farms; wife, Andrea Perkins Hall. Counselors—Kirt Lamont Hodges, 50, retired; wife, Shawna Lyn Porter Hodges. Charles M. Hunter, 69, dentist; wife, Susan Jane Vignone Hunter.

A new stake has been created from the Fort Myers Florida Stake. The Naples Florida Stake, which consists of the Estero YSA, Hibiscus, Immokalee, Liberte, and McGregor Branches and the Bahia and Bonita Springs Wards, was created by Elder Neil L. Andersen of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles and Elder Peter M. Johnson, an Area Seventy.

NAPLES FLORIDA STAKE (September 23, 2018): President—Joseph L. Lindsay, 51, attorney, Lindsay and Allen; wife, Stacy M. Konold Lindsay. Counselors—Michael Kelly Crowder, 58, senior consultant, Korn Ferry; wife, Julie Anne Closser Crowder. Mario Fernandez, 66, retired; wife, Fuedesuiuda Fernandez.

A new stake has been created from the Lima Peru Santa Anita, Lima Peru Santa Patricia, and Lima Peru Vitarte Stakes. The Lima Peru Mayorazgo Stake, which consists of the Covima, Mayorazgo 1st, Mayorazgo 2nd, Portales, and Veintisiete de Abril Wards, was created by Elder Mathias Held, a General Authority Seventy, and Elder Victor R. Calderón, an Area Seventy.

LIMA PERU MAYORAZGO STAKE (October 14, 2018): President—Pavel Francisco Bermúdez Lazo, 44, legal counsel, La Positiva Seguros; wife, Sharon Ameli Bejar Usquiano. Counselors—Fredy Humberto Garavito Camacilanqui, 45, chief operations officer, Analitica Visual Consulting; wife, Gaby Isabel Ávalos Pino. Luis Enrique Fernandini Rahe, 40, manager of agencies, Banco Pichincha; wife, Ivonne Melina Chamochumbi Rodriguez.

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