ClearPlay Can No Longer Stream New Movies Through Google. Here's What That Means for VidAngel

by | Feb. 10, 2017

Mormon Life

VidAngel, a film-editing company created by four Mormon brothers, recently weighed in on what it means to them that ClearPlay can no longer stream new movies from Google.

On Tuesday, ClearPlay, a Salt Lake City-based company that streams filtered Hollywood films, confirmed with Deadline that Google has prevented the service from streaming any new movies since the fall.

“ClearPlay filtering continues to work with stream content available through Google Play, except for new movie releases. We have been relying on certain programming interfaces that are no longer available through Google Play,” ClearPlay co-founder and CEO Matthew Jarman said in a statement.

Jarman said in the statement that he expects new releases will come later in 2017 with the help of a major streaming service provider.

VidAngel attorney David Quinto told the Deseret News that “this is major news” that will have ramifications in the ongoing court case between VidAngel and four Hollywood studios — Disney, Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc., 20th Century Fox Film Corporation and Lucasfilm Ltd. LLC — which say VidAngel violated copyright laws by streaming films without permission.

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