Dave Says: Budget Overflow

by | May 10, 2011


Dear Dave,

What should I do with any money I have left from various categories in my monthly budget?


Dear Chris,

Some things you’ll carry over from month to month. A good example might be clothing. A lot of people, especially men, don’t buy new clothes every month. We’re usually not as style-conscious as the ladies, so we generally don’t get around to buying new clothes until something is just completely worn out.

If you’re consistently over-budgeting in a category like food, you need to simply cut back on the amount you’re designating for groceries. When it comes to miscellaneous items, and if it’s just a few dollars here and there, you’ve got a few options. You might carry it over like with the food money, or you could combine the amounts into an overflow fund. You could even put it toward paying off debt, if you have any, or stash it in your blow money category and have a little bit more to spend on fun stuff.

Good question, Chris!


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