Despite stereotypes, Salon article was compliment to Mormon bloggers

Last Sunday, I checked my Facebook wall.

Hannah, a reader of my blog, had written me a note. My blog, she said, was “name checked on Salon (salon.com) today!” And for my convenience, she posted the link.

I went on to read the article by Emily Matchar, a self-proclaimed “childless overeducated atheist feminist” who confessed to an obsession with reading Mormon Mommy Blogs. She admitted to finding the blogs addicting and reluctantly used the word “uplifiting” to describe their effect. In short, it was actually a sincere tribute to the Mormon Mommy Blogging genre.

I was honored to have my blog mentioned in the article. In a quick tweet to @emilymatchar I thanked her for the mention. I also linked it on several of my personal social media outlets as well as my own blog.

I was not prepared, however, for the onslaught of e-mails, phone calls and texts (including one from my own bishop) in response.

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