Food Storage Recipe: Veggie Frittata

1 Cup Provident Pantry Whole Egg Powder (Or Scrambled Egg Mix) reconstituted to make the equivalent of 8 eggs

Heaping 1/4 cup (dry) of:
Provident Pantry Freeze Dried Broccoli

Provident Pantry Freeze Dried Mushroom Slices

Provident Pantry Freeze Dried Tomatoes

Provident Pantry Freeze Dried Cheddar, shredded

Scant 1/4 cup of Green Onion

Salt and pepper to taste

Garlic Powder to taste (optional)

Preheat your oven to broil on low. Combine all the vegetables in a medium bowl and add enough water to completely cover them. While they are reconstituting, mix up the eggs and have them ready. When the vegetables are tender, drain them well and add them to the egg mix. Add the cheddar (do not reconstitute). Mix all the ingredients well, then pour into a cast iron (or other oven-ready) skillet. Cook over medium heat until the bottom of the frittata is set, then place the skillet under the broiler for 3-4 minutes, or until fully set and golden on top. Watch closely so it doesn't burn!

Note: You can also cook the frittata entirely in the oven, without using the stovetop. Just preheat the oven to 350º F, and place the skillet into the oven. Cook for approximately 20 minutes, or until frittata is just set in the center.

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