Hidden Jewel of Creation

by | Mar. 28, 2011

Travel Tips

“This was the most spectacular place I have visited in the world…..”

I always knew it was there, the last continent, the end of the earth, the final destination for the exploring soul of man, and I wanted to see it, but I was not prepared for the experience. For me visiting Antarctica was the opportunity of putting another pin on the map, of finally reaching every continent on the planet, hitting that magic number seven. But a hidden jewel awaited me. This is the most spectacular place I have ever visited in the world!.....

The unexpected wonder is often the most memorable and the beauty that spread before me that first sunlit morning may have been the best day I have spent on any tour, certainly it topped my list of spectacular and untainted majesty. Black pinnacles of rock shot up from the Antarctic sea, their heads capped with overhanging ledges of snow. Glaciers poured through the valleys wedged between mountain walls which bore that tremendous pressure in the constant struggle between ice and stone. Here was the whitest white nature brings forth. Here shone the purest light, one which magnifies the distance and gives everything within the range of the eyes a translucent clarity. Here the most pristine waters rose and fell in the gentle ocean swell. The light played upon the surface of the icebergs displaying blues that put the sky to shame and inviting a dozen new shades into the wheel of color.

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