Homeless Drug Addict Sees LDS Easter Video, Converts and Finds New Life in Message

by | Apr. 06, 2017

Mormon Life

For their 2017 Easter initiative, the Church is highlighting eight remarkable stories that illustrate principles of peace. Among them is a story of redemption and repentance—the story of Melody Callier. "Who am I to be the face of the church? I'm a new convert, a single mom, a black girl from the 'hood with 15 tattoos, ex-homeless, ex-drug addict," Callier said. "I felt extremely unworthy, but I hope to help one person, maybe plant a seed of hope. If I can come back and find joy, there is still a chance for others."

A woman whose heart was deeply touched by the LDS Church's first Easter initiative is now having her story featured in the church's latest campaign.

Melody Callier, once pregnant and homeless on the streets of Seattle, recalls meeting with Mormon missionaries and viewing the 2014 Easter initiative, "Because of Him," for the first time. She was moved to tears and later joined The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Fast forward three years and the African-American LDS convert is one of eight individuals or families being featured in the church's "Prince of Peace" initiative, set to launch Friday, March 31 and run through Easter Sunday, April 16.

"I came to the conclusion that if there is at least one person who will benefit from my experience and see the truthfulness (of the gospel), then I'm down with it," Callier said.

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