How to Make This Your Most Sensational Summer Ever

There are some people who dread the day their children come home from school and stay for the Summer. They know there will be fighting, whining, boredom, noise, late nights, and just general chaos. This Summer break seems like a prison sentence for some mothers. I've even known mothers who throw parties when their children return back to school.

Motherhood shouldn't feel like a prison sentence. In fact, it can be and should be the very source of a mother's power to impact the world for good. You see when the mother is wishing to have time alone, what she really needs is time connecting with someone. That someone could be a friend on facebook, or it could be her own children.

I have noticed that I am the most joyful, and least frustrated by my children, when I am making a deliberate effort to communicate effectively with them and bond with them.

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