How to Renegotiate Your Too-Long To-Do List

In my chili-scenario from above, I put a crock pot of food before my family. I had all kinds of justifications as to why that was necessary, but really … was it?

Below are some ways I learned to put relationships first — even when I was trying to accomplish that mammoth “ridiculous” list from above.

Grace had a lingering fever throughout the week and needed to stay home from school for a few days. She needed time with me. The laundry folding could wait.

Alia and Ethan had lots of homework, and they wanted me to sit by them to review algebra principles and “the twelves” in multiplication. So much more important than cleaning out my office.

Then we had a chance to have my mom over for a night, and I had to jump at the opportunity. My heart has been hurting for her lately. I don’t write about it much because the stories are too painful and my loyalty is to her, but when the choice is between steam-cleaned carpets and time with my mom, there’s just no contest. It’s the relationships that matter.

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