June 2012 Sharing Time: Living Gospel Principles

by | May 25, 2012

Lesson Helps

Preparation: Print two copies of the following pictures from lds.org: Gospel Art Book #108 or 109 Missionaries; GAB #111 Young Boy Praying; GAB #112 Family Prayer; GAB #113 Payment of Tithing; GAB #114 A Tithe is a Tenth Part; and GAB #120 Young Couple Going to the Temple. Find online images of a child eating an apple or another healthy food and a child riding a bike or exercising. Print two each of these pictures also. Mount all the pictures onto a colored sheet of paper. Mix the pictures up and post, facedown, on the board at the front of the room before the children arrive.

Presentation: Tell the children that you are going to play a game. Choose one child to pick two of the colored sheets. Turn them over and show the pictures. If they match, briefly review what is happening in the picture and help the children understand what they can learn from it. If they don’t match, turn them back over and have another child take a turn. Keep playing until all the matches have been found. Occasionally you may want to sing a song to help reinforce the concept being taught.

Suggested things we can learn from each picture:
108 or 109. The missionaries wear modest clothing and always look clean and well groomed.
111. When we pray to Heavenly Father he will hear us and help us do what is right.
112. We should pray in our families. You can help your family remember to pray together.
113. We give our tithing to the bishop. It is used for many things such as temples, church buildings, songbooks, manuals, and mission supplies.
114. Tithing is one-tenth of our income.
120. This bride and groom wear modest clothing in the temple. They also remember to wear clean, modest clothes everyday.
Healthy food. The word of wisdom teaches us to take good care of our bodies by eating healthy foods.
Exercise. The word of wisdom teaches us to take care of our bodies so we can be strong and healthy.

Possible songs could include, “The Lord Gave Me a Temple” (Children’s Songbook, 153), “A Child’s Prayer” (CS, 12), “Family Prayer” (CS, 189), and “I Want to Give the Lord My Tenth” (CS, 150).

Express your testimony that as we live these principles we will be blessed.
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